Cario Headlines, 2012

Voicing Resistance Festival at Ballhaus Naunynstraße
Berlin, Germany

Site-specific murals at Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Berlin.
Photos courtesy of ©Dana Alawneh

Cairo Headlines: A Story About Death and Victory.

Cairo Headlines consists of a group of site-specific wall drawings spread out across the outside and the inside of the building. The drawings represent the artist’s reflections on the current social and political situation in Egypt and more generally in the Arab world. Victory and death are two reoccurring themes in Cairo Headlines. One year and a half after the beginning of the revolution, Yousri questions the complications of the so-called Arab Spring. While the whole world doesn’t stop talking about the democratic transition the country is going through, the basic demands that thousands of lives where sacrificed in the hope to achieve have not been heard: bread, freedom, and human dignity. Yousri sees hope in the possibility of resistance, while questioning the ability of ruling powers in manipulating the masses and oppressing those possibilities. While Yousri’s concerns are emanating from his personal experiences in Egypt, the notion of death and victory is strongly related to other countries in the Arab world going through relatively similar situations like Syria, Tunisia, Yemen and Palestine.