TV Interviews and Video Reports:

– Interview by Hanin al Naqdi in “Darb al Madina” show, Qatar TV, January 2013 (

– Interview by “Ezz el Shabab” TV show on Rotana Masreya channel, October 2012 (

– Debatte um den “Mohammed-Film” by Julia Riedhammer, September 2012 (

– Interview by Rasha el Gammal, “30 Minutes” TV show, ON TV channel, January 2012 (

– Interview by “Naharak Saiid” TV show, Nile Life Channel, January 2012 (

– Report about Homage to the Egyptian Revolution II by Sara Rossino, Spazio Qubi, Turin Italy, October 2011. (

Press Articles:

– “Ponga una momia en el ‘tupper’” by Jacinto Antón, El País, 8 November 2013.

– “Tea with Nefertiti in Paris” by Sara Elkamel, Ahram Online, Thursday 22 August, 2013.

– “Vous Prendrez Bien un Thé Avec Nefertiti”, by Elise Tomie, Tess Magazine, August 18, 2013.

– “Tea With Nefertiti” by Nat Muller, Ibraaz Magazine, 29 July, 2013.

– “Bassem Yousri Exposes the Decay of the Official Institution” by Mohamed Saad, Al Ahram’s Gate, 11 July, 2013.

– “Coup de People” in Egypt, by Nataliya Gumenyuk in the Ukranian online newspaper Ukrainska Pravda, 04 July, 2013.

– Interview with Alia Qedeih, Thaqafat Program, Radio Monte Carlo International, April 2013.

– “Bassem Yousri Disassembles the Official Institution’s Decay” by Yasser Sultan,  Al Hayat Newspaper, 30 March, 2013.

– L’artiste Bassem Yousri: « L’humour rend mes oeuvres plus accessibles sans en changer le fond », by Alban de Ménonville, Al Ahram Hebdo, 06 March 2013

– “Shifting Sands” by Sara Zia Ibrahimi, Reorient Magazine, December 2012 (

– “‘Teh Marbouta’: Women Announce Forcefully Their Precence”, by Hagar Hisham, al Watan newspaper, 13 October 2012. (

– “‘Teh Marbouta’: a campaign emphasizing women’s role in society”, by Ayat Yassin, al Badil newspaper, 10 September 2012. (

– “Wear Your Favorite T-shirt with Spread a Word Campaign”, by Fatma Khalil, al Youm al Sabe’ newspaper, 11 August 2012. (

– “Etwas Besseres als die Kunst” (Something Better Than Art), by Tom Mustroph, TAZ. die Tageszeitung, 9/10 June 2012.

– “Interview with Bassem Yousri” by Jeffery Bussman, Tiltle Magazine, April 2012 (

– “Bassem Yousri: Reflections on Revolution” by Glen R. Brown, Ceramics: Art and Perception, March 2012.

-“To Promote Democracy, Artist Taps into Power of Egyptian Dialect”, by Marie-Jeanne Berger, Egypt Independent newspaper, 26 December 2011. (

– “Spread A Word Campaign: Express Your Opinion In One Word”, by Enas el Sheikh, al Youm al Sabe’ newspaper, 15 December 2011. (

– “Manifest 770: San Francisco’s Past and Future Meet on a Ramp”, by Aimee Le Duc, KQED Magazine: Public Media for Northern California, 27 September 2011(

– “Spread a Word Campaign”, by Mariam Abdel-Gaber, “Ehna” Magazine, 5 June 2011.

– “Yousri’s Mural: Art Moques the Pharaoh”, by Mohamed Saad, al Ahram Online Newspaper, 20 May 2011 (جدارية-باسم-يسري-الفن-يسخر-من-الفرعون&SearchText=جدارية-باسم-يسري)

– “An Artistic Call Against Extremism”, by Mohamed Saad, al Ahram al Massae newspaper, 20 May 2011 (فنون-و-ثقافة/دعوة-تشكيلية-ضد-التعصب-علي-الـ-فيسبوك.aspx)