Film Romancy (A Romantic Movie), 2015

A feature length experimental documentary (under development)

A Romantic Movie is a feature length low budget experimental documentary. It was written and filmed throughout a collaborative workshop consisting of participants that don’t necessarily have any formal training in acting or any aspect of filmmaking. The objective of the workshop was to come up with a script for a romantic comedy based on the most common form of romantic comedies that are shown in Egyptian movie theatres. In a certain way, the movie will be about the process of writing and filming “the movie” but it will mainly focus on the lives of the “actors” and crew members and what they encounter on daily bases outside of the setting of the workshop. 
In other words, the “movie” is used as the backdrop of discussions addressing relevant issues in contemporary Egyptian society just before the beginning of the Egyptian revolution.  The filming process started in December 2010 until January 2012, indirectly documenting the first eventful year of the revolution. By blurring the lines between fiction and reality, A Romantic Movie attempts to question the relationship between audience and mass culture in contemporary Egyptian society.