Film Romancy (A Romantic Movie) (under development)

A feature length experimental documentary

Relying on their experience watching main-stream films, 10 young amateurs participate in a script-writing workshop. They try to write a satirical romantic comedy based on their personal experiences, while criticizing the reoccurring stereotypes in mass culture. The film intertwines three different storylines and types of footage: documentary footage capturing the creative process and the discussions that took place during the workshop meetings; documentary footage capturing the daily lives of the participants outside the workshop setting; and fiction scenes extracted from the script, that was written as a result of the workshop, and performed by the participants themselves.

The workshop started on December 3rd 2010. Unexpectedly, a revolution erupts a little over a month later to become the backdrop of all events. What was meant to be a 3 months long workshop extended over the course of a year due to interruptions because of the political turmoil.

Between December 2010 and January 2012, Film Romancy indirectly documents the first year following the Egyptian 25th of January revolution through the eyes and minds of 10 young characters who, 10 years later, get together again in order to perform and film the script they wrote in 2011.