Pulse, 2011

4 min HDV video, 2011

Talaat Harb Street is one of Downtown Cairo’s busiest streets. It breaths constantly exhaling an excessive amount of energy resulting from the continuous movement of pedestrians and cars almost 24 hours a day. All this energy has been trapped for years within an extremely frustrating social and political reality until a huge roar shook the streets of Cairo on the 25th of January 2011: “Freedom! Freedom!”. About 200 meters away from Tahrir Square, Talaat Harb was one of the most eventful streets during the first weeks of the Egyptian revolution. Protesters coming from different parts of Cairo trying to get into the square come in numbers taking Talaat Harb. It experienced scenes ranging from battles between protesters and the police and other times between protesters and thugs of the regime to scenes of extreme celebration and joy. In awe of these exceptional events that I didn’t expect to experience during my lifetime, and torn between the will of being a participant versus being at times a distant watcher trying to capture as many stories as possible, I was filming everyday and everywhere I go scenes of what was happening.

In my opinion, one’s relationship to a certain space or place depends not only on the series of events that take place in it but also on how one experiences those events in relation to the given space or place. This video, titled Pulse, is a compilation of a succession of events and emotions that took place in Talaat Harb Street between January 25th and February 11th. Those events changed the way I feel about my relationship to the Egyptian society forever. I felt a new pulse kicking in and pumping a different blood in Egypt’s veins.