The Art Guide, 2020

The Art Guide consists of a series of mixed-media installations investigating questions related to the relationship between art and audience.

I have always asked myself: could a visual art piece make someone laugh out loud? Could it have an effect similar to a comic movie or video? Moreover, what could make a silly joke become an art piece? What gives an art piece ‘value’ and what makes it ‘worthless’ in the context of the art market?

In order to investigate these questions, I started creating a series of meta-installations with the aim to build an interactive and humorous environment. I created an alter ego that comments on each art piece (the art guide). What I am trying to achieve with this approach is to create a platform that gives me the absolute freedom to explore thinking and working in ways I’ve never used before. It could even allow me to create works of art that go against my personal taste while pondering their significance. Such self-aware art pieces aim to instigate the same level of self-awareness in the viewer’s experience.