The Wardrobe Man

The Wardrobe Man
Production year: 2018
Research Commissioned by ET4U, Denmark.
Genre: Experimental Docu-fiction
Languages: Danish, English, Arabic
Subtitles: Arabic, English
Duration: 48 min

How Could one tell a story about a subject foreign to them? Moreover, how could one tell a story they didn’t choose to tell in the first place?

In this movie, The Wardrobe Man, I try to investigate these questions in a humorous and playful manner by mixing documentary and archival footage with fiction. Throughout the movie, I tell the story of the research I conducted, in the area of West Jutland in Denmark, about the peculiar Wardrobe-man. Æ Skawmand (the Wardrobe-Man, Kristian Vandet Jørgensen) was a hermit who lived in his wardrobe by the shore of Oddesund, Denmark, from 1914 until he died in 1956. While his story is currently considered an object in the collection of the Struer Museum, the only traces remaining from his life are his story and some archival material. Commissioned to create this video project by ET4U organization, I try to examine and understand my position towards a very specific history and location that are quite foreign to me. In other words, I attempt to investigate the relationship between geography, history, reality, interpretation, myth, and imagination.

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