Where Do We Go from Here?

Solo show at Fiendish Plots Gallery
Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.

During his years living in Cairo, Yousri has been always struck by what he started calling recently an ‘institutional aesthetic’. For him, this aesthetic is characterized by forms of decay, visual randomness and an attention to functionality that disregards the connection between subject and the expanded significance of its visual representation. This is apparent in different government buildings in Cairo, where visual clutter passes as pragmatism. It is also apparent everywhere, from crudely rendered official street signs, to public art projects commissioned by the state and political propaganda poster designs.

Since 2013, Yousri has been investigating what that ‘aesthetic’ represents. Could it be the reflection of deeper socio-political issues? Does its significance go beyond those official institutions? Moreover, are there effects on social interaction? And are there manifestations of this ‘aesthetic’ in private and public spaces?

In Where Do We Go from Here?, Yousri explores instances that are relevant to this ongoing investigation of an ‘institutional aesthetic’. He takes the concept out of its localized context in order to test its impact and significance within new visual registers and representational frameworks.